Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Yay for TPT throwing another sale! I know I have added about 10 new things to my wishlist since the last one! My store will be 20% off tomorrow! Click on the image to head on over and grab some goodies!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Five for Friday!

I haven't done one of these in forever!!! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and her linky party Five for Friday! 

1. I am enjoying every bit of sweet summer left with this cute munchkin! To celebrate him and my niece both turning one, we set up a cake smash in my parents lovely backyard! My sisters took some precious pictures! Daniel was loving every minute of being allowed to dig into this yummy cake!!! My Mom and Dad's dog also got in on the action!

This one is my favorite!!! How am I going to leave this face in a few weeks!?!? I'm really not sure. :(

 This one sums up my life right now! Two cute chubby little arms wrapped around my leg!


2. I started thinking about Kindergarten Orientation this week. Goodness, it is coming up so fast! I had made this really cute writing activity a couple years ago, and decided it was time to give it a refresh! I love this new, sweet little raccoon! He makes me happy!! 


I also simplified it a little bit. I made the poem larger and made the handprint circle into a box. I discovered that the older handprint circles were a little small for some hands! I also put the poem and the  right across from it so I don't have to mess with cutting and taping a bunch of different things! Now I only have to tape these two pieces of paper on one piece of construction paper and make sure I have some heart stickers and I'm good to go! If you are in need of your own orientation activity...I reduced the price of this little gem in my TPT store! Click on the cover of the packet to check it out!

 3. I've also been working fast and furiously on some alphabet materials! My Kindergarten team has used Barbara Milne's original Alphabet Sound song for years! We had an old chart with letters and pictures that matched the song that we blew up to poster size. We sing this song every day for morning meeting. I use my sparkly wand to point to the letters while the kids follow along. Eventually, I let my student of the day lead the song while I sneak off to take attendance! ;) 

Anyway, I decided that we needed an updated version with fresh, clear pictures! I am ridiculously excited to use this and share it with my team! I created a brand new alphabet chart and a new classroom ABC line that could also be used as a book! I plan to use it both ways! I am super excited about this and I have plans to make some matching games and more flash cards to go with these!


Click on the covers to check them out in my store! 

4. I am making an oil pan check in board! Have you seen these on pinterest? People take a giant oil pan and use it for a magnet board. I plan to use mine as a place for students to sign in with in the morning, and then to use whenever they need to leave the room for the nurse, speech, OT/PT, ESL...you name it! Hoping this will help me easily keep track of my munchkins with a glance! :) Stay tuned...going to work on it next week!

5. I am in love with She Reads Truth! If you haven't checked it out, you need to!!! They have online devotion plans that are amazing. I am a little behind, but I just finished up a study of both Old and New Testament Women...and I was so sad to finish! I thought I knew a lot about these ladies, but I learned so much from this! There was some really amazing insight into the lives of each one of the ladies they covered...and some great application as well!

I am super excited because next week they are launching He Reads Truth! And the girls and the guys are both going to study the book of Daniel! I have been so excited about these devotions and I was wishing there was something like it for my husband! Yay! Now there is! And how fun is it that we get to study the man we named our son after!? Can't wait to start it on Monday! Anyway, that is all she wrote for now! Happy Friday!!!!

Image of Daniel Study Pack