Monday, September 19, 2016

My Endless Summer

This past June marked the end of my tenth and last year of teaching for awhile. I decided to take some time off to raise my little one. It was a tough decision to leave a job, grade level, and team that I absolutely loved. All year long, my heart had played a fierce game of tug of war between my dream job and wanting to be home with my sweet little boy. In the end, it wasn't a difficult decision to make at all. I packed up my classroom, which was no small feat! 40ish bins and boxes later, I left my classroom for the last time. Here is my classroom's new home for awhile!

I had an amazing summer with my little boy. I enjoyed every single minute
of not having to rush him to get up, get dressed, and get out the door! We took our sweet time and did things when we wanted to! I had time to play, explore, and just enjoy all the little moments I felt I had been missing out on with him.

September has been a weird month for me! I feel like I should be labeling all the millions of things, planning, and decorating! I decided to channel that energy into planning my own little version of preschool for Daniel! It is so much fun planning things for my own little boy to learn! 

I've decided to document some of our adventures here on this little old blog! In my spare time (otherwise known as nap time for Daniel!), I am going to continue working on Kindergarten materials. I will definitely post those types of things as well! Hopefully now both teachers and stay at home mommies can find some fun ideas in Munchkin Land!!! 

Here are some of the things we did last week! We practiced counting with rocks, fingerpainted, played hop-on-a-number, and cut letter A's out of play doh!