Friday, February 6, 2015

Who Wants to Play a Game?!

For someone who would much rather be teaching kids how to read and write, I have been all about making math materials lately! Much of this drive comes from the fact that I am insecure about teaching a subject that I've always hated! Ever watch Babes in Toyland? Can anyone else relate with poor Mary?? "I just can't do the sum!" I don't want to project my fear of numbers onto my kids, so I am always searching for ways to make math fun! One of the ways I do this is by making math games. It is hard to fear something that is cleverly packaged as a fun game!

I created some mini domino and dice cards to be used for various math games. I love to use dominoes and dice in my games. Kids love them! Just a little side note....head to the Dollar Tree right now to find some small foam dice! So much quieter!!! If real dice aren't your cup of tea, these cards are just the thing for you! Here are a few ideas for you!

1. You can use these cards to play Compare. Students each flip over a card and decide who has the higher card.

2. You could use them as a number writing center with whiteboards or chalkboards. Students have to flip over a card, count the dots, and write the number.

3. They could be used with an empty number bond. Students have to fill in the number bond to correspond with the number of dots on each side of the domino card.

4. They could be put on a small binder ring that students could flip through to help them practice being able to identify numbers quickly.

5. Students can use the cards to create an addition number sentence with the two sides of the domino or the cards with two dice. Who can do the sum now?!

What else could you use them for? I would love to hear your ideas! 

Click on the packet below to find these mini cards in my TPT store!

Happy Friday!!!!

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