Saturday, October 10, 2015

Updated Number Talk Wall

I updated my math board just a little bit! I really needed to expand the pocket chart area for math vocabulary/strategy cards. 

I found an amazing resource for math vocabulary cards, these were made by Regina Burns. The bottom two cards on the pocket chart in the picture were made by her. They are perfect for all children, but especially helpful for ELL's and Special Ed students. Visit her TPT store here to see them!

 I am using my number talk wall daily. We went through numbers 1-10 and are going through them again. We are back on number 2! This time, the students are using their personal recording sheets to follow along with me. Although if anyone has a way to quickly distribute and collect whiteboard markers and erasers let me know! ;) It takes a little longer to have them do this, but I'm hoping it is worth the effort! If you are interested, the packet can be found in my TPT store! Click on the packet below! It now includes the recording sheet, the number formation poems, and dice/domino cards!
Number Talk Wall
This is what the recording sheet looks like. I have both sheets in a sheet protector so students can use them every day!

On the sheet protector, I slide in my quick fluency objectives for the week. Every week, I am trying to be intentional about giving them quick opportunities every day to say, show, and write numbers.

I am drawing random objects on the whiteboard paper and then just asking the kids what they see. I drew two different colors of apples, and I was pretty amazed with what the kids came up with on their own! 

In the corner, I squeezed in the ten frames for keeping track of the days of school! These were made by Bethany Gardner and can be found in her TPT store here...

Hope you are all having a great October! I hit up the pumpkin farm today with my two favorites! 

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