Thursday, August 29, 2013

Munchkin Land Tour!!!

It's pretty much ready to go! All I need now are some cute little  munchkins! So here is my door..sorry the pic is kind of dark!

Here is the view when you walk in! I love my big room!! And I love my wall of windows!

Here is my peace table! All ready for peace making moments! My reading teacher and special ed teachers also like to use this table to work with students one on one.
These are my line up stars! Hopefully this will make getting 18 wiggly four and five year olds into a line much easier!! We walk in two lines, a boy line and a girl line. This helps so much because the lines are shorter and closer to you! No more losing kiddos around those corners!

Here is my math corner again!
Here is my library...excuse the plastic covering! The books stay covered until I teach them how to use the classroom library system!

Here is where most of my teaching takes place! On the wall behind the easel are all my wipeoff graphic organizers. Easy to rip off the wall, erase, fill out after a story, and hang back up! Don't you love my aqua duct tape carpet squares!?!? I don't have one of those cute carpets with the different colored squares to sit on, but this will get the job done!
 This picture isn't great either, but it's my CAFE board for Daily 5. The two big posters are the Barabara Milne ABC song and my sight word reference poster. It's super helpful, we put highlighting tape over the ones that we have learned so far. My student of the day also gets to point to the words as the class reads them. The kids have the mini version of this chart in their book boxes to practice during daily 5. The picture clues really, really help! The mini poster can be found in my TPT store by clicking below!

This is my desk area/guided reading table! See my giant penguin back there?? One of my former munchkins brought that huge thing in on the first day of school one year! So cute! Well that's about it! Hope you enjoyed your tour! Happy back to school everyone!

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