Monday, August 5, 2013

Teachers Tool Box!

So have you seen those cute little teacher tool boxes floating around on pinterest?? The funny thing was, when summer started, I decided to organize Matt's tools...haha! Poor guy! Now I have to help him find stuff! But I bought him one of those cute little tool boxes to put nails and such in...I haven't gotten around to organizing that for him yet! 

Well a few weeks later I saw the teacher toolbox on Pinterest! You use it to hold all your odds and ends...rubber bands, tacks, paper clips...the stuff that always gets lost in your desk!

No... I didn't steal Matt's!! Haha...not that he would care if I did! I marched happily into Home Depot, found my toolbox and then went in search of some pink spray paint to make it pretty! Here it is drying in the sun!! 

I also got some teal spray paint while I was at it! I used it to paint some ugly primary colored bins! I use them to hold all the materials for my different reading groups. Now they are pretty too! Yay! No more yucky red, blue, and yellow!

Haha! I may have painted my flip flop while I was at it! I am the worst painter!! 

I'm starting to feel motivated now!! I think I may head into my classroom next week and get BUSY!! Stay tuned for how my toolbox turns out!


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  1. Ooh! I'm excited to see how it turns out!