Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who in the world am I?!? I now have a math board!!!

So my goal for the year is to be a better math teacher! I hate math...I have since first grade when my teacher said she would chop my fingers off if she caught me using them! I was a pretty literal and trusting child, and so I was terrified of her for the rest of the year! Hehe...didn't stop me from using my fingers though! I used to do it in my hair, under my desk...you get the idea! Anyway, it was always hard for me and I didn't love it EVER! Even as a teacher, it's still not my favorite! But I really want to get better! I want kids to not be scarred for life about math and numbers! So this year I devoted a whole section of my classroom to math! This is huge for me people! I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!

This is my Number Talk wall!!! Number talks are the big thing at our school this year. I think they will be great, but I couldn't think of a way to start them when most of my kids can't tell a letter from a number yet! My, what interesting conversations we would have! Haha! So I created this little mini bulletin board set to help us get started. Haha...notice I included fingers! They've served me pretty well as a strategy! ;)

I'm going to use it to show them all the different ways there are to make numbers! I just stuck them in sheet protectors and plan to let the munchkins come up and use a dry erase marker to represent the number we are "talking" about! I also made cute little cards that show all the different ways to make numbers up to 20. I thought I could attach velcro to the back and to the middle of the blank side of the board...but I may just end up using them in a center instead.  Haven't decided yet!

 I also made these little number poem cards to have a visual to go with those cute little number poems! I thought it would be handy to have them on the board as a reference for when the kids get stuck on how to form a number! 

On the pocket chart, I plan to put all of my math vocabulary cards for the different units we will be studying! Now it's all in one spot, and somewhere deep inside I feel like I have begun to conquer the math monster!!! The Number Talk Wall and the Number Writing Poems can both be found in my TPT store, by clicking on the pictures below! 


  1. Your math talk set is great - I like how you included fingers! Tomorrow we will be talking about 3, and I wrote "count on fingers" in my plan book! Being a New York teacher, I assume tomorrow is your first day - hope it's a great one. We've had 8 days already. I'm your newest follower.

  2. Hi Linda! Thanks for following! I am so glad you like the number talk set! I just used it today! We are only on the number one!