Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Things I've Learned from Teaching!

Miss Kindergarten is hosting a fun linky party
called the 10 Things I've Learned from Teaching! Follow the link if you want to share your top ten too!

1. I've learned that flexibility is a must! Things happen and will not always go as planned!! Sometimes the perfectly planned lesson will be interrupted by tantrums or sickness or the fire alarm...and you've just got to smile and roll with it!

2. Be super careful when turning around quickly in your classroom! I have realized that my elbows are basically weapons! So many times I have gone to turn around and bonked a munchkin in the head with my elbow! Haha...I tell them to slow down all the time, but  I've really gotta remember to do it myself!

3. The pop-in observation isn't so scary after all! I realized that I'd much rather have an administrator walk in and see us doing our normal, every day thing as opposed to a pre-planned observation. Seriously, those kind make me more nervous anyway...more time to worry about it! So keep calm and teach on!

Really needed this reminder earlier today.......
4. Take the time to get to know your kids! It really pays off to spend the time getting to know each and every child individually. Get to know their likes and dislikes, their learning style, and about their home life. This will help you to build strong relationships with your class which will also help you HUGELY with classroom management. 

5. Along with that, let your kids get to know you!!! Share stories about your life AWAY from the school buliding...haha and don't be surprised when their eyes get all wide, they really do think you live at school!
If only this wasn't true :-(

6. Teaching is hard work! You've really got to LOVE it! It is not an 8:30-3:50 kind of job! You will spend hours and hours devoted to your students, lessons, and classroom! But the hours you put into it will pay off!! The real payoff is at the end of the year when you see how far you have taken your class!

7. Read quality books!!! If you want your Kindergarteners to love to read, then you've got to read books that are going to instill in them a passion to want to learn how to read!!! I love it when my kids go to the library and get so excited to take out a book that I've already read to them! They are always soooo excited to show me!

8. Do whatever you can to get a crazy amount of books in your classroom! I have scooped up a ton from garage sales, donations, scholastic book orders, ebay...the list could go on and on. Having a huge variety is key! Find out what your kinders are interested in and find books about those interests! I had a huge Indiana Jones fan one year, he even dressed up as Indy for Halloween! So cute! I happened to find an Indiana Jones book and brought it into the classroom. This book never left this little guys book box all year! Make sure they know how to use your library and where to find books they might be interested in!

9. Also, do yourself a favor and organize all those books! I put a different color coded sticker on the bin where the book is to go and on the back of all the books so they know where to return it! I spend a good amount of time teaching my kids how to use the system in September. I also put two extra bins in the library, one for lost books....that way if they can't find where it goes they don't just stick it in some random bin! I also have one labeled "Boo Boo Books." This is where those torn and broken books go until you have time to deal with them! 

10. Have fun! I read a quote once that said, "It is my daily mood that makes the weather." It is so true!!! If you walk into your classroom in a negative mood....the day does not bode well for you!! So slap a smile on even when you DO NOT FEEL LIKE IT!! It is so much better to project a bright and sunny spirit!! Sooner or later someone will do or say something cute and you will find yourself feeling better anyway!

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  1. Man, I hate the pre-planned oberservation too. I'd rather just have my principal come in whenever then put on the dog-and-pony show. Luckily that is what happens.
    Have fun: probably the most important because it rubs off on the kids1

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