Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday Linky Party

I'm linking up with Courtney over at Swimming into Second for her Top Ten Tuesday Linky Party. So my top ten classroom must haves are....

1. A good stapler that doesn't jam!! I seem to have the best luck with swingline. I really want this cute pink one!!
2. A good pencil sharpener is a MUST! This little guy has treated us pretty well!
3. POST ITS!!! I wish I was the inventor of these little guys! I use them for everything! I think these cute little star shaped ones are fun! 
 4. The Letter Factory DVD! This DVD is amazing! I swear it's how most of my kids learn their sounds! We watch it a lot during snack time in September. It's set mostly to music, and it's pretty catchy! You'll go home singing..."every letter makes a sound, the j says juh!!"

5. These chimes from really good stuff! This little guy will save your voice! I always play the same little tune to get their attention. We practice how to respond to the chimes over and over in September and it is so worth every penny!!
 6. My guitar! We love to sing in the blue horse room! With all we have to do, most of the time we only sing with the guitar on Fridays! But it is a much looked forward to time in our room! And they do not EVER let me forget about it!!
7. Pachelbel oh Pachelbel...I like to play classical music a lot throughout the day! Especially in the morning as they enter and also during writing time. Also anytime I feel they are really wound! Just a little Pachelbel can sometimes set us to rights again...or maybe at least me! Haha!

8. So I don't have my own laminator, but I'm starting to think I need to! I fear I overwhelm our laminating lady sometimes! I may have put a chocolate bar in my laminating folder to keep her on my good side! You spend hours making those classroom materials, you've got to keep them protected right?!
 9. My Wand! I love my wand! I use it to point to oh so many things...big books, shared reading charts, the hundreds board, the sight word chart, the abc chart, phonics sorts...the list goes on and on! Also there is the fact that it's sparkly and blue and the kids love to use it as well!

 10. Your basic light switch! Weird, I know! But we use the lights to help us transition quietly! Lights off means clean up and get quiet! Lights on means push in your chair and walk to your square on the carpet and get ready to learn!


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