Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kindergarten Kid Writing Paper

Today I fixed up all of my writing paper for the school year! I really love this paper! I love everything about it! I love how easy it is for the kids to use. I wanted to clean up my files so that they all matched, making it an easier transition for the kiddos when it comes time to change paper. 

I use various types of paper throughout the year. All of them have boxes for the kids to write in. I feel like this helps them to contain their writing sooo much better than just a blank line. It also trains them to write smaller.

 In September, we have a box to put your name in and a box for your picture. This gives us time to work on our pictures and work up to labeling our pictures with beginning sounds. In September, that is pretty much enough!! I really work on getting my kids to love writing, I don't worry at all about putting down sounds. Whatever they come in with, that is what we do! There is plenty of time to stress about letters and sounds! We also practice writing our name, the smiley face tells us where to start making our name and the stop sign tells us where to stop. This helps us to avoid the backwards do they even do that???

In October and November, we move on to a box at the bottom for writing. This is where we practice trying to get one letter for every word we want to write. You'll know it's time to move in to the next type of paper when your students are hearing more than one sound for every word...they will not have enough room...Enter the 2 writing boxes paper!

The 2 boxes paper gets used in December and January. And then in February, we move on big time! You guessed it...enter LINED PAPER!!! Don't be scared, they can and will do it!!! 

From there, it's just a matter of shrinking and adding more boxes! Their writing will naturally get smaller and smaller without them even knowing they are doing it! Magic!! 

If you would like to purchase this set of writing paper for your own use, you can find it here...

Hope you find them helpful!!!

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