Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dollar Tree Treasures!!!!

I love the Dollar Tree!! What teacher isn't completely happy scooping up fun finds for only a buck?!? So on my last successful outing, I picked up these treasures...

 These are little mini puzzles and heart shaped beads for my fine motor box. The kids love to play with the stuff in this box. I've noticed it's also very calming. Sometimes I break out this box when we're having an off day!
 This little calendar almost matches the Dots on Turquoise set from Creative Teaching Press! So excited!!! I thought I would use it to jot down blogging ideas! Yay! Also pictured are sentence strips and a cute pink zipper pouch. I like to throw one of these in my school bag to keep all my pens and markers in! I may have had a bad experience or two with an uncapped sharpie marker at the bottom of my bag!

I found some more magnetic doodle boards and these giant shoes with shoelaces!! I saw an idea for making these on pinterest...but hello! Already done and only a dollar! I bought 5 to use as another fine motor center!! Yay for not tying shoes all the way until June!! They're gonna learn how baby!!!

And for my favorite purchase...these little glittery beach pails!! For starters, I can't say no to things that sparkle!! Also, I like to use them for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom week! I put sand in them and then throw in a bunch of magnetic letters. Then we pass the bucket around the circle and take turns pulling out a letter and identifying it! Now we will be able to play this game at our tables too!
What have you found at a dollar store lately???

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