Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ten Pin Linky!

I am linking up with Ashley Reed for her ten pin back to school linky party! Oh pinterest, how I love you! I can literally spend hours pinning away!! And since I pin a lot of school stuff and follow a lot of school teachers, guess what kinds of things come up in my feed?? And so I pin more and more school stuff...even in the summer! It's a sickness! But I can't not pin a good idea right!?? So here are some of my recent pins I like for back to school!

 1. I love Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes! And this little activity is just too cute! Such a good visual reminder for them to use kind words to their friends. We don't want any wrinkled hearts! Ahh! Love it!

2. And what kindergarten bathroom wouldn't be complete without some cute little reminders for exactly what it is we are to do in there...besides sing...and climb on the toilet...and flush toys!

3. I love these cute letters to hang up! Something simple and cute for the first week!

4. This teacher has cute ideas for talking about cafeteria expectations! Cute book ideas, charts, and a little craft!

5. Love these cute little table caddies!

6. I am so making this little ribbon chandelier from the amazing Abby at The Inspired Apple for over my guided reading table. Oh my word, so cute! I can't even wait! I loooove ribbon!! Such a cute use for it!

7. And also from Abby...this cute little pennant banner! I have wanted to make one of these little guys for awhile! She has easy no sew directions! Because...."Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

8. I love the pic! I really, really, really want yoga mats for all my munchkins!! How much fun would that be!! Maybe I'll have to look at writing a grant or something...because I think it needs to happen! Go yogi's go!

9. I like this idea for my math board...which i have to say was somewhat pathetic last year! I didn't do a whole lot with it! Math isn't so much my thing! But...I'm trying to get better! Definitely one of my goals for this year! 

10. Wow...ten already! So fun! Anyway...this is a project in the making!  Every room in our K wing is named after a different Brown Bear character. We are the blue horses so.... I want to make a horse shape with all my munchkins names in it and frame it. Cute huh!

Have fun getting those classrooms ready!!!

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