Thursday, July 18, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things....

So when I'm getting ready to think about the new school year (not that I am of course!), these are some of my must reads and must haves!

  • I always read The Daily Five and CAFE before going back. These 2 books have transformed the way I run my literacy block. It is definitely my favorite part of the school day!

  •  Another must read is Setting Limits...I always read this one towards the very, very end of summer! Whenever I read this one, the back to school nightmare is sure to know the one where your entire class is running around the room laughing at your efforts to get them to listen??? Anyone else have those nightmares?!? Seriously though, this book has helped me sooo much to deal with those little munchkins that like to give you a run for your money! Rereading always helps me to get the language back in my head...that way I'm ready for the "You can sit quietly on the carpet with your friends or you can sit quietly at your seat...what would you like to do?" moments!!!!
  •  The Fountas and Pinnell Kindergarten Phonics cd....a little bit expensive, almost $50.00...but sooo worth it! It allows you to quickly make up your own games and sorts super while you are eating lunch and have only 5 minutes left before you have to pick up the kiddos kind of quick!

  •  A blog I have been reading for a few! Tara has some seriously amazing ideas and printables to help teach math! Math is so not my strong point...we could read and write all day and never do any math if it were up to me! But it is not, so Tara's blog to the rescue!  
  • Last but not least, my favorite teacher tools...Mr. Sketch Markers, Post- It's, and B2P Pens!!! These are always my favorite items to pop out of my school order box in August!

What are some of your favorite things???

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